Assault On Wall Street Exclusive Red-Band Clip: The Assault Begins

By Katey Rich 2013-05-06 12:27:51discussion comments
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Nearly five years after the financial crash caused by a handful of avaricious Wall Streeters, there are still plenty of hard feelings out there-- and, inevitably, the endlessly provocative Uwe Boll is here to take advantage of them. The German director famous for BloodRayne, Alone in the Dark, In the Name of the King and other so-bad-they're-good legends is back this month with Assault on Wall Street, a scarily plausible story about what happens when a man has his life ruined by the economy and decides to strike back against the people who caused it.

In this clip you see our "hero" Jim (Dominic Purcell) as he's beginning to enact his revenge plan, targeting the Wall Streeters whose decisions created the financial crash that ruined his life. As you can see he's still got a little compassion, able to set free a man who seems more motivated by his love for his wife than for money. But with the promise of much, much more blood to come as Jim gets closer to his main target, that compassion may not last long.

Assault on Wall Street comes to theaters and VOD on May 10, and joining Purcell in the cast are plenty of familiar faces, including Keith David, Edward Furlong, Eric Roberts and John Hurt. You can click here to learn more about it, or watch the official trailer below:

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