Bill Murray Headbutted McG For All Of Us

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-02 23:46:49discussion comments
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Bill Murray Headbutted McG For All Of Us image
Can we finally throw McG in a bin with Brett Ratner? For months now weíve all bought into this, whatever he is. We even felt sorry for him when he claimed that having one name didnít really make him a douchebag, since it was a childhood nickname heíd always had. Of course no one put a gun to his head and forced him to put such a douchebaggie name on his resume, but look he was in charge of the next Terminator movie, we all loved Terminator, and we wanted him to do well.

Deep down we all knew he wasnít going to do well. Or at least you did if youíd seen any of his previous movies. Charlieís Angels, the first one, is sort of tolerable but pick anything else on the manís resume and itís flatly unwatchable. And now that Terminator Salvation is out, I think weíre pretty safe in lumping it in with his other abortions. Itís at least as bad as We Are Marshall, only more offensive since it took a big dump not only on a previously awesome franchise, but also on a previously awesome actor in Christian Bale.

What Iím getting at here is that we all have reason to be pissed off at McG. Heís earned our scorn. So I hope youíll be with me in cheering on Bill Murray who, apparently gave this douchebag director exactly what he had coming. In an interview with The Guardian McG reveals that Bill Murray headbutted him on the set of Charlieís Angels. Look Iím not endorsing violence against shitty directors, Iím not about to box Uwe Boll; but admit it, at least a couple of you stood up and clapped when you read that. Hereís the best part. Apparently getting beaten up by his cast is a pretty common phenomenon for McG. He says, ďI don't think there's been a film I've made where there hasn't been some kind of physical fight.Ē

Iím not a director, but I have a hard time imagining Steven Spielberg getting punched in the nose by Tom Cruise. Iím pretty sure this isnít the Hollywood norm, at least for directors who arenít total douches. Christian Bale has taken a lot of flack for his blowup on the Terminator Salvation set, but maybe the guy deserves to be cut a little slack here. Apparently his director has a way of pissing people off, both his audiences and his actors. I mean at least he didnít beat the shit out of anyone. Maybe Baleís not such an asshat after all. People get pissed off, everywhere McG goes.
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