Blendcast: Three Men And An R.O.U.S.

By Mack Rawden 2009-07-28 22:38:42discussion comments
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Blendcast: Three Men And An R.O.U.S. image
Oh God. Sometimes you just saunter along thinking all is well and then you have Katey Rich on the Blendcast and her appearance makes you realize just how far you have left to go as a broadcast journalist. That just happened. Good thing thereís enough references to Rick Moranis, Bill Curtis, Jonah Hill and that Zoltar Machine from Big to distract our more ignorant viewers.

Listen below as Katey Rich talks about Comic Con, Trevor Clippert throws out at least ten Princess Bride quotes, Brain Carraher bitches about Phil Hellmuth and Mack Rawden lets you know what happens when a gypsy curses a pregnant woman. G-Force is also slandered with venom and virulent ire, some nice things are said about Freaks And Geeks, and we all plea for Raaaaaaaaandy to be given his own movie.

Warning!: This weekís Blendcast is littered with violence against children jokes, obnoxious uses of the c-bomb and stories about women giving birth on the toilet. Itís beyond just run-of-the-mill level offensiveness. Itís some serious Lenny Bruce shit---you know if his obscenities were simply for obscenityís sake.

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