Del Toro Talks Frankenstein Adaptation

By Katey Rich 2008-01-02 17:53:31discussion comments
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Until Hellboy II comes out and possibly erases the memory of Panís Labyrinth (not that I expect it to), I will continue to unabashedly love Guillermo del Toro. The roly-poly director with his so-so English told MTV Movies that he would be the real monster of his planned Frankenstein adaptation: ďI will appear shirtless for most of the length of the film. You will be amazed at my chocolate bar physique!Ē

Chocolate bar physique? What?! Chalk that one up to lost in translation, I guess. Thereís not really any real news over the course of the utterly charming video interview, except that del Toro reiterates his potential interest in directing either The Hobbit or the final Harry Potter installment. Since Iíve had my fingers crossed for one or both of those things to happen, at least that gives us a little more hope. Talking about pre-production on Frankenstein, he said he had been writing initial notes, but since the WGA strike began, heís limited himself to just drawings. That del Toro, always sticking by the union!

As we face a dark January of mediocre releases and the prospect of an endless WGA strike, let us comfort ourselves with the idea that, when itís all over, Guillermo del Toro will be in charge of some of the best fantasy stories ever written. Now that will be worth the wait.

Watch the full interview with him below:

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