Devil's Due Ritualistically Delivers New Stills And Clips

By Nick Venable 2014-01-08 15:15:27discussion comments
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devil's due still

There have been a bunch of news stories in the last week about the newest of the newborns delivered in this new year, but weíre more interested in one of the first cinematic births of 2014, which will come in the demonic form of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillettís feature debut Devilís Due. Well to be honest, we arenít so much interested in Devilís Due as we are willing to tolerate it, given its trailers make it look like a dumbed down found footage version of Rosemaryís Baby. But weíve got a few of the filmís first stills and clips here to try and sway our opinions to the anticipatory side of things.

Thanks to Collider for these photos, which pretty much give us frozen looks at moments weíve already seen in the previews. The film stars Zach Gilford as Zach McCall, whose wife Samantha (Allison Miller) gets pregnant during a mysterious portion of their honeymoon that neither of them can remember. Itís almost immediately obvious to anyone watching that something evil is festering inside Samanthaís womb, but thatís a bitter pill to swallow for the couple. I guess it all seems a little more obvious once Samantha starts cutting ritualistic patterns into the floor, as seen in the image below.

devilís due still

Here is another image that leads us into the first of two new clips, via BloodyDisgusting. If youíre currently pregnant and hoping that your deliver will be a piece of cake, you may want to make sure youíre not carrying a hellspawn, because this looks rough.

devilís due still

This second clip features Samantha at some point after the devilishness has taken over, and sheís apparently disemboweling a calf. And then a kid gets thrown backwards, as if by pure magic! The only thing this clip does for me is make me think is that theyíll be handling the found footage aspect in more ways than just "husband holding the camera while his wife is in absolute agony." Take a peek below.

The only reason I want to give this movie a real shot is because the directors created the most enjoyable segment of the anthology horror V/H/S,and because Gilford oozes charisma. If Devilís Due ends up being one of the greatest horrors of the year, Iíll be the first to eat my hatís evil placenta.

It hits theaters on January 17.
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