Drafthouse Films Teases First 10 Minutes Of The FP

By Sean O'Connell 2012-03-06 08:24:43discussion comments
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Drafthouse Films, in preparation for a March 16 limited release, has teased the first 10 minutes of The FP online. A futuristic dance-battle for a territory known as Frazier Park, The FP somehow combines The Warriors and Mad Max with Blade Runner, Breakin’ and Tron. It probably has to be seen to be believed, so give the following NSFW clip a spin:

As early trailers already established, the foul-mouthed FP details a grudge-match battle between rival gangs: The 245 from the South and the 248 from the North. Instead of knives and guns, however, these gangbangers meet in deadly arcades and compete in something called “Beat-Beat Generation.” The clip sets up the death of legendary dancer BTRO (Brandon Barrera) during Omega Gangsta Mode, who eventually will have to be avenged by JTRO (co-director Jason Trost). “Yo 248! Check out your hero now!”

The FP was the talk of 2011’s SXSW festival, and has built up a sizable cult following as mainstream audiences patiently wait for it to reach theaters. It boasts a wildly original premise, and adheres to its inside joke for as long as it possibly can. The FP probably plays festivals better than it will suburban multiplexes (unless they pack them in at midnight at your local AMC), but those who dig on the retro vibe of Jason and Brandon Trost will enjoy their trip through the colorfully bizarre FP. What do you think of the clip? Does it make you want to see the film? Do you better understand what you are getting into now? Let us know below.
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