Brandon and Jason Trost’s The FP burst – I guess I should more accurately say “danced” – onto the scene at SXSW 2011, where midnight audiences plugged into the competitive world of Frazier Park, where futuristic gangbangers take each other down in fierce games of “Beat-Beat Revelation,” a dance-off video game. Yes, it’s every bit as strange as you think. Earlier this week, Drafthouse Films released a foul-mouthed red-band trailer for The FP, though if you wanted to check out the teaser from work or, I don’t know, with your kids around, this new green-band trailer is a bit safer:

The new clip still does a great job of selling what The FP’s all about: Spoofing gangland dramas like West Side Story or Warriors while also sending up the 1980s dance films such as Breakin’ and its horrendous sequel. We have two dance gangs in the 248 and the 245. We have a fallen leader in BTRO (Brandon Barrera), and a new savior in JTRO (Jason Trost), who’ll have to defeat L Dubba E (Lee Valmassy) and the competition to reclaim his status as king of the FP.

You don’t miss much from the red-band to the green-band. Mostly it’s just language that’s cut back. Actually, I think the green band does a better job of figuring out the film’s uplifitingly bizarre sense of humor, where as the red-band clip is a little more aggressive. Either way, The FP is coming. It opens in limited release on March 16, and will expand from there, so be on the lookout.

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