Earth To Echo Trailer Looks Like Chronicle For The E.T. Crowd

By Nick Venable 2013-12-14 06:52:13discussion comments
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Iím 31 years old, but Iíll be damned if I donít still enjoy being mentally driven back to childhood by a film that draws upon nostalgia for childrenís adventures that were written with a heart instead of with a deadline. Sure, the above trailer for the PG-rated indie film Earth to Echo sort of looks like a ripoff of Josh Trankís Chronicle by way of a weeklong Stephen Spielberg marathon, but weíve seen more than enough adult-oriented films do their share of reproducing stories and themes, so why not let the kids do some damage for a while.

As the first feature from director Dave Green, Earth to Echo adapts the found-footage technique to tell the story of a group of kids that begin receiving mysterious text messages soon after a large-scale construction project begins in their area. As the adults repeatedly fail to heed the childrenís warnings, itís up to the young explorers to figure out whatís going on. And apparently whatís going on is an alien egg with an alien still in it. And itís a good thing theyíve got that camera around to document everything, or no one would believe them still.

There, the defense of using the found-footage trope is written into the story. Itís foolproof.

Facetious though I may sound, Iím pretty intrigued by the trailer, courtesy of TheWrap. It probably wonít be quite as heartwarmingly sweet as E.T., or as gung ho fun as The Goonies, but thereís a lot of potential in a story about kids who find aliens. Super 8, with its exquisite cast of child actors, featured a story that just didnít stack up with the performances, and Chronicle kind of faltered in the same way, with both films feeling they needed to build up to something enormous instead of just building a better story foundation. Letís hope thereís a lot of life written into this screenplay from Henry Gayden, who worked with Green on FEARnetís 2010 horror comedy series Zombie Roadkill.

Even the first poster offers just enough whimsy to catch my curiosity, and makes me wonder if it would be too much to wish for something that challenged the imagination like Disneyís The Black Hole.

earth to echo poster

Weíll have to wait a little longer for an extended trailer, but Relativity Media will be releasing Earth to Echo in theaters on April 25, 2014. While it doesnít have any aliens in it, check out Greenís short workplace comedy film Ham Sandwich below.

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