Gnomeo And Juliet Trailer Explores The Secret Lives Of Lawn Ornaments

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-21 12:33:04discussion comments
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Gnomeo And Juliet Trailer Explores The Secret Lives Of Lawn Ornaments image
Iím not sure when our national obsession with garden gnomes started exactly, but I do feel pretty confident in saying this: Itís long since over. It hasnít been cool to photograph your garden gnome in exotic foreign locations for at least four or five years. I feel comfortable in filing away love of garden gnomes next to crazy cat lady and that guy who breeds rabbits in his back yard for their pelts. So Iím not exactly sure who Gnomeo and Juliet was made for, but I know itís not me. Now that Iíve seen the movieís first trailer, Iím going to guess theyíre aiming for the much coveted ďI hate Shakespeare and would like to see a movie piss on itĒ segment of the audience.

In theory the movie takes the story of Romeo & Juliet and retells it using the secret lives of lawn ornaments. Or at least the trailerís narrator tells us thatís what theyíre doing. In practice thereís no sign of Shakespeareís most famous play anywhere in this trailer, unless you count that shot of two gnomes almost kissing. Instead itís a series of scenes in which gnomes dress up in funny outfits or race each other on lawn mowers.

Watch the first trailer for Gnomeo and Juliet below or in HD on Apple.

Though the storyís suspect and the animation looks like it was borrowed from a commercial for Barbieís Dreamhouse, theyíve actually put together a pretty star-studded voice cast for this thing. In the trailer you may have noticed the voices of Jason Statham, Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Patrick Stewart, and even Ozzy Osbourne. Gnomeo and Juliet has a pretty good pedigree too. Itís directed by Kelly Asbury who also did the much better than it gets credit for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Shrek 2. Maybe Gnomeo and Juliet is better than its trailer seems. Or maybe itís just another attempt to lure audiences into seeing a terrible movie by releasing it in 3D. What do you think?
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