Gran Turismo Video Game Adaptation In The Works From Watchmen Screenwriter

By Nick Venable 2013-11-21 14:59:38discussion comments
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Gran Turismo Video Game Adaptation In The Works From Watchmen Screenwriter image
With the Need for Speed video game franchise recently releasing its twentieth installment, one would have to be naÔve to think DreamWorks is going to put the brakes on their adaptation after just one movie. But that doesnít mean there isnít more than enough room on the cinematic highway for another fast car flick based on a video game. Columbia Pictures has signed Watchmen co-writer Alex Tse to script an adaptation of Sony Computer Entertainmentís long-running Gran Turismo series, with the Captain Phillips team of Michael De Luca, Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti set to produce.

Wait, wait, wait. These guys do realize the draw behind Gran Turismo is the realism, insane customization abilities and top-notch graphics, right? If Hollywood wants to show that off, all they have to do is make a movie about racing... which happens all the time! This is like someone adapting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 for a biopic about the golferís life. Itís fairly obvious this is just a grab for fans of the games rather than anyone wanting to pour their heart into a film about the series. Unless its main character spends around two hours prepping for a fifteen minute race, this wonít feel much like the game at all. I bet it's just an opportunity to get a lot of car companies to toss the movie some advertising money if their cars get used.

But itís happening, so thereís no sense in wagging my tongue in disapproval. THR says Columbia is keeping mum about the potential story that Tse will be developing for the movie. It seems like theyíve got the right guy for the job where popular adaptations are concerned. He also penned an early script for the "will they/wonít they" Crow reboot, and heís currently working on a rewrite of the oft-delayed Highlander remake. Beyond those, he also wrote live-action version of the Japanese anime Ninja Scroll and the recently released graphic novel Battling Boy from comics icon Paul Pope.

Letís not forget that this and Need For Speed aren't the only speedy vehicle flick currently in the works. Legendary Pictures has a Hot Wheels movie currently in development with Simon Crane directing. And then thereís the recently-announced NASCAR movie. I'm sure there are at least seven more I can't think of right now too.

I know I ragged on this a lot, but I certainly hope it ends up turning into something interesting. Anyone out there who thinks this movie will absolutely rule is welcome to that opinion. In the meantime, what other adaptations do you think Hollywood will be taking on next? Let us know what you would like to see in the comments section below.
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