Is Harrison Ford In Negotiations For Two More Indiana Jones Movies?

By Gabe Toro 2014-02-25 07:21:51discussion comments
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Is Harrison Ford In Negotiations For Two More Indiana Jones Movies? image
How old is too old to be an action hero? Harrison Ford was 66 when he suited up for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which at the time felt like a curtain call for the creaky box office legend. Steven Spielberg is no dummy, so he made sure to shoot and edit Ford well enough so that his increasing age wasnít an issue. As a result, within the film, Ford looked like the most spry, athletic sixtysomething in the world, suggesting that it was a suitable final go of it as a barrel-chested ass-kicker. And yet, Ford is in this summerís The Expendables 3 which hits theaters only a little after Ford turns 72. Who are you to tell him he shouldnít be running around delivering beatings and discovering treasures?

Buried within a MarketSaw rumor about Star Wars is a possible fate for Ford and Indy, one that seemsÖ implausible? Fordís silence regarding Star Wars, apparently, isnít because heís signed or unsigned, but rather because part of his Star Wars involvement hinges on a new Indiana Jones picture. Wait, check that, TWO Indiana Jones pictures. Apparently heís certain to do both, but the contractually-obligated Indy films are still in the negotiation stages as part of a package deal.

WhichÖ címon now, MarketSaw. Ford seems done with Indiana Jones. It was telling when Shia LaBeouf only had critical things to say about that fourth film, where he played the sure-to-be-remembered-for-decades character of Mutt Williams, and Fordís only response was that he should keep quiet. Thatís a man with respect for tradition and hard work, but itís also a man with the decency to not b.s. people by singing the hosannas for an inferior movie. One Indy movie would be a semi-plausible swan song. Two subscribes to the idea that there would be a lot of interest from Steven Spielberg in revisiting that world, and taking a full year to do so when he can make almost anything he wants.

LucasFilm is certainly intrigued about the idea of a continued Indiana Jones universe, and theyíve spoken about a fifth film already. But Ford will be entering his mid-seventies, and while he takes great care of himself, we all know Father Time is undefeated. Fordís choosier in his roles as of late, but heís also no dummy. Itís just hard to see him suiting up two more times with that familiar whip when the guy can barely run, limiting himself to older mentor roles in last yearís 42, Paranoia and Enderís Game. In those films, he looked very much comfortable like a guy happy to be sitting behind a desk, not a guy itching to go exploring.

What do you think? Do you want two more Indiana Jones adventures? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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