Horror Apartment 1303 3D Will Soon Scare Viewers In 3D On VOD

By Nick Venable 2013-04-18 21:34:14discussion comments
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Horror Apartment 1303 3D Will Soon Scare Viewers In 3D On VOD image
Night of the Living Dead, Scream and The Blair Witch Project are three horror films that completely shook up the genre, and by extension, cinema itself, proving that cheap genre flicks arenít always just that. Now, when it comes to Michael Tavernaís upcoming horror film Apartment 1303 3D, there wonít be any noticeable changes to cinema, only one of the ways in which it can be enjoyed.

Deadline reports Gravitas Ventures and MonteCristo International have secured the theatrical and digital rights to Apartment 1303 3D, which is based on the Japanese novel by author Kei Oishi, which was itself already remade into a middling J-Horror film. What makes this particular film so special is that it will be the first independent film that can be watched in 3D at home, bringing digital platforms that much closer to their physical counterparts. Not that there are tons of indie 3D films to begin with. And of course, you have to have a 3D TV to watch it, and this probably wonít be the film youíll want to start off with, but innovation is always slow going in the beginning.

The apartment in question is a nice high-rise in the middle of downtown Detroit that Janet (Julianne Michelle) is ever so happy to move into, sick of being controlled by her fame-conscious mother, played by Rebecca De Mornay, who has been rather busy here lately. Things donít go so well for Janet, as her boyfriend soon finds her in the middle of the street, dead from a 13 story fall. Her sister, played by Mischa Barton, shows up to investigate, but finds that the apartment has a habit of doing bad things to its tenants, and she must find out how to stop it. Youíre right, itís just like 20 percent of all the J-horror out there.

Apartment 1303 3D will see that groundbreaking VOD release on June 17, followed by a limited theatrical run which will target midnight 3D showings. Itís no Jurassic Park 3D, but maybe the source of everyoneís troubles in this film is dinosaurs. Wouldnít that be something.
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