Most people probably thought that the ill-fated Indiana Jones 4 project was dead and buried after Lucas poo-pooed Frank Darabont's script and Spielberg signed up to another 12 or so directing projects. According to one familiar stocky Egyptian, the project may only be delayed... and for the worst of reasons.

John Rhys-Davis spoke out about discussions he's recently had with both director and producer of the on-again, off-again actioner and revealed what a certain Mr Lucas had to say about "reservations" he had with Mr Darabont's writing...

"The only way I can express my reservations is making another pass at the script myself."

Read it and weep folks. Rather than bring in someone else as was originally reported, or discuss his issues with Frank himself, George "The Ego" Lucas has decided that, like Star Wars, the only way he can convey what "he" wants is to do everything himself... which worked out great for those last few insignificant flicks he released.

While I wish no ill will upon Spielberg or Ford (pictured), one is too nice to tell his best friend where to stick a bad script and the other one is rapidly becoming a real life incarnation of the Crypt Keeper

Maybe George can just release his draft as a novel, leave the movies at Last Crusade and save us all the embarassment of a Lucasified adventure with Indy. No doubt his script will involve Indy getting involved in lots of post-Nazi cold-war politics while occasionally getting involved in a hammy battle with CGI monkeys or something while in search of the Midichlorian Orchid.

Lets have The Further Adventures Of Short-Round instead...
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