Iron Man 3 Now The Fifth-Highest-Grossing Movie Of All Time

By Sean O'Connell 2013-06-03 18:33:41discussion comments
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Iron Man 3 Now The Fifth-Highest-Grossing Movie Of All Time image
James Cameron and Marvel Studios have an iron grip on the modern box office. Over the weekend, Marvelís latest installment in its ever-growing Cinematic Universe -- Iron Man 3 -- surpassed Michael Bayís Transformers: Dark of the Moon to become the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time, according to BoxOfficeMojoís worldwide charts.

Shane Blackís Iron Man sequel has earned an estimated $1.18 billion in worldwide ticket sales. It joins Marvelís The Avengers, which sits at number three on the all-time charts with $1.51 billion. Can the third Iron Man surpass Joss Whedonís ensemble drama? Probably not, but it has a decent shot at toppling the fourth-highest grossing movie, which -- for the time being Ė is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Watch your back, though, Boy Wizard. You only have $1.3 billion in the bank, and thatís chump change for Tony Stark and his armored alter ego.

And then thereís Cameron, who Ė against all possible odds Ė has the top two highest-grossing movies of all time in Avatar and Titanic. I donít care how many times you tell me, I still canít comprehend that Cameron beat his own box office record with Avatar, having each movie cross the $2 billion mark. Impossible Ö except, it happened.

Will this keep happening, though? Can Thor: The Dark World do the same business as Iron Man 3? While I think crowds love Marvel movies, I think Iron Man benefitted from being the first summer blockbuster of 2013. Cameron, however, has a chance at duplicating his success with the Avatar sequels Ė if he ever manages to get them out.
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