Jason Segel Could Be Making Sex Tape With Reese Witherspoon For Sony

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-27 14:22:20discussion comments
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Jason Segel Could Be Making Sex Tape With Reese Witherspoon For Sony image
Howís this for a role reversal? Shortly after audiences will be able to see him alongside The Muppets for a family-friendly adventure, How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel coul be making a Sex Tape with ďAmericaís Sweetheart,Ē Reese Witherspoon.

OK, not an actual sex tape. Sony reportedly wants the two screen stars for a comedy with the semi-provocative title. Penned by Kate Angelo, Tape would star Segel and Witherspoon as a married couple who take a night away from their kids and decide to experiment by making a naughty, private video. Deadline adds that when they wake up from their wild evening, the tape is gone, and the two go on a wild chase to retrieve it.

Nichola Stoller, who recently co-wrote The Muppets with Segel, is being eyeballed as a possible director for Sex Tape. His previous credits include the often-vulgar Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which essentially launched Segel into starring roles) and Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. He and Segel also have The Five-Year Engagement with Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt (to name a few) due out on April 27, 2012.

This seems like Stollerís cup of bawdy tea. Iím more surprised by Witherspoon, who tends to gravitate toward safer rom-coms and hasnít shown a proclivity toward harder-R, sex-tinged comedy. Then again, there might be more to Angeloís screenplay than weíre assuming. She wrote for Ted Dansonís Becker and Will & Grace, but also penned the script for Jennifer Lopezís The Back-Up Plan, so I think itís safe to say the juryís still out.
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