Jason Statham To Fight Side By Side With Susan Cooper

By Gabe Toro 2014-02-27 11:14:43discussion comments
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Jason Statham To Fight Side By Side With Susan Cooper image
Jason Statham is at a major turning point in his career. Is he still a leading man? Well, perhaps a better question is, can you imagine him standing behind another leading man? Looking back on 2003ís The Italian Job, it seems improbable that Statham would need the help of Marky Mark and Seth Green in executing a heist. You watch Snatch today, with its collection of colorful names, and you wonder why Statham isnít drop-kicking people.

But when things are getting a bit stale for Statham, he knows when to mix it up. And his latest role is quite a shift: Variety confirms the rumors that Statham is attached to Susan Cooper, a major tentpole comedy starring Melissa McCarthy. Statham wouldnít have to stretch too much, playing a British spy who aligns himself with McCarthy on assignment. McCarthyís The Heat collaborator Paul Feig would be directing his own script, and a May 22nd release date has been fingered. Rose Byrne, from Feigís Bridesmaids, will also star.

So what kind of movie is this going to be, anyway? You hate to be that guy, but the obvious fact that McCarthy doesnít seem to be spy material, combined with her teaming with polar opposite Statham, suggests this is a spoofy film thatís going to have a few laughs at McCarthyís expense. At the same time, The Heat had laughs, and it also worked as a straightforward cop film. And if you took a serious look at the world of real-world espionage, youíd find there are a lot more women who look like McCarthy than there are men who resemble Statham. There are also less car chases and explosions, however, and Susan Cooper probably has a couple of those. And hey, maybe itís a love story. Regardless, if played straight, youíd love to see McCarthy and Statham double fisting guns and firing in all directions.

Stathamís in a precarious position in his career: excluding the Expendables ensembles, he hasnít had a film surpass $40 million domestically since 2005ís The Transporter 2. Read that again, box office junkies: a Statham-led film hasnít grossed over $40 million in almost ten years! That sort of track record will kill a career. Fortunately, Stathamís films are massive on DVD, and he keeps doing ensemble work like the upcoming The Expendables 3 and Fast And Furious 7 to remain something of a marquee name. Susan Cooper helps with that, but this seems like a guy who needs a breakout solo hit very soon. And, sorry Jason, but it doesnít seem like itís gonna be The Mechanic 2.
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