Man Of Steel Trailer: 5 Major Things We Learned

By Sean O'Connell 2012-12-11 13:02:38discussion comments
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For those of us who werenít able to attend Warnerís San Diego Comic-Con presentation over the summer (raising my own hand), todayís lengthy Man of Steel trailer gave us our first extended look at Zack Snyderís planned reboot/continuation of the Superman mythology on screen. The clip built off of the two Malick-esque teasers that were released earlier this year, establishing an ethereal tone while also finally delivering on some of the action the director has promised fans.

Here it is again, if you havenít seen it yet:

And here are the five immediate thoughts to come to mind now that weíve watched the trailer a few dozen times:

1. Get ready for Supermanís origin story. And a sad Clark.
The trailer doesnít necessarily look like Donnerís Superman Redux. But the bulk of this 2-minute, 33-second trailer is dedicated to formulative scenes from Clark Kentís youth. We see a spaceship arriving on the Kent farm. We see an emotionally disturbed adolescent Clark hiding in a closet as his adopted mother (Diane Lane) attempts to talk him down. We see teenage Clark saving a schoolbus filled with kids, and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) telling him that protecting his secret might be more important than actually saving folks. (Because ďWith great power comes great responsibilityĒ is Spider-Manís mantra!) Hereís whatís troubling: We also see what appear to be scenes of Krypton being destroyed, with Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara (Ayelet Zurer) holding baby Clark and then witnessing the planetís destruction. When Superman is searching for answers, he returns to his snowy Fortress of Solitude. Does all of this sound familiar? It will, if youíve ever seen Donnerís Superman Ö and by now, who the hell hasnít?
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