Marianne Jean-Baptiste Joins Tom Cruise In All You Need Is Kill

By Sean O'Connell 2012-11-29 16:13:33discussion comments
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Marianne Jean-Baptiste Joins Tom Cruise In All You Need Is Kill image
You wouldnít know it by looking at her, but Marianne Jean-Baptiste needs to Kill. Specifically, she needs at accept a role in Doug Limanís futuristic combat movie, All You Need is Kill, which is toplined by Tom Cruise.

Earlier, we brought you the first image of Cruise in a robotic exoskeleton as he flees a massive fireball, and we nailed the news that Warner Bros. plans to present Limanís film in IMAX 3D (as part of the studioís long-term deal with IMAX. But Liman continues to surround Cruise with talent, and Variety now says that Jean-Baptiste will be part of the fun.

The trade clarifies that Jean-Baptiste will play Dr. Whittle, a scientist who has an unknown part in the drama. The story -- penned by Dante Harper from a popular novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka -- sounds like a sci-fi , with Cruise playing a soldier on an alien-ravaged planet who must live his final day over and over and fails to make much progress in way of his mission.

Jean-Baptiste tends to make movies better. Earlier this year, if you caught her in Wonít Back Down you saw her elevating mediocre material. But she has shined in fantastic projects like Mike Leighís Secrets & Lies and Tarsemís The Cell. She has a gift, and it also works on a regular basis on the TV program Without a Trace. In addition to Jean-Baptiste, All You Need Is Kill also stars Emily Blunt, Charlotte Riley and Bill Paxton. Itís currently filming in London, and is gearing up for a March 7, 2014 release date.
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