Martin Scorsese's Silence Adds Girls' Adam Driver

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-13 15:25:48discussion comments
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Martin Scorsese's Silence Adds Girls' Adam Driver image
Martin Scorsese's Silence is on its way, leapfrogging many other project's on the filmmaker's dance card to become the next title in his prolific body of work. The story, based on the novel by Shushako Endo, involves Jesuit priests in the 17th century who travel to China in an attempt to advance the word of the Lord. Crisis strikes when one of them displays a conflict of faith, leading the priests to discover that their religion has been forced underground, subject to persecution and torture. Described as a thriller, this looks like another opportunity for the spry 71 year old director to produce something with a little bit of juice, and maybe outrage, behind it, maintaining his status as a rabble-rouser more than thirty years after Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Javier Bardem and Daniel Day-Lewis were the original actors attached to the project in the late 00ís, and what a team that would have been? Instead, the film is gearing up with nu-Spidey Andrew Garfield and fugazi-Raís Al Ghul Ken Watanabe (still a cool combo) and there are probably a raft of interesting names to be added to the cast. According to Showbiz 411, the latest is unlikely Hollywood It Boy Adam Driver, the gangly actor who currently stars on HBOís Girls and made a great impression in Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis.

Driver apparently has been drawing positive notices in the upcoming This Is Where I Leave You, enough to generate rumors tying him to that Man of Steel sequel - murmurings that were probably real, but not enough to get him in the movie (yetÖ?). He also has a role in Jeff Nicholsí anticipated sci-fi action movie Midnight Special and Noah Baumbachís When Weíre Young. Girls fans are curious to see how his off-kilter charm will translate to bigger film roles. Driverís got an imposing physicality and an unusual delivery thatís both half-hearted and powerfully intense, one thatís made him a surprising pin-up for girls looking for unconventional guys who nonetheless have a, letís face it, fairly banginí frame. Yo Adam, whatís your secret?

Scorsese is eyeing a summer shoot for the film, so a 2015 Oscar-season release seems likely, not to mention a raft of nominations. Marty has gone from underloved by the Academy to being justly showered with affection. Meanwhile, the controversial Wolf Of Wall Street has fought naysayers and bad audience buzz to get close to surpassing $100 million domestically in coming weeks, a pretty marvelous feat considering itís a three hour R-rated picture. This is the third Scorsese film to cross $100 million domestic, though when accounting for inflation, Wolf would be his eighth film to post nine figure grosses. That seems an awful lot like a guy who can write his own checks in this industry, and if that status is going to fall to anybody, why not Marty?
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