Saw 3D Director And Producer Jason Blum Will See Visions In 2014

By Nick Venable 2013-05-31 21:16:31discussion comments
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Saw 3D Director And Producer Jason Blum Will See Visions In 2014 image
This may be a bit of an overstatement, but if a low-to-mid-budget horror film is being released in 2013 Ė at least the ones with sizable ad campaigns Ė chances are that it has Jason Blumís name on it. He was one of the producers behind the alien horror Dark Skies, and the speculative thriller The Purge, and he still has James Wanís upcoming haunted sequel Insidious: Chapter Two, and Paranormal Activity 5 remaining this year . And those are just the more notable ones.

Heís already well on his way to populating 2014ís horror quota as well, and Variety reports his production imprint Blumhouse Productions will now produce the thriller Visions for director Kevin Gruetert. The filmmaker is probably best known for his work on the last two films of the Saw franchise - after having edited the first five - and has directed some other less-known horror flicks as well. Blum and Gruetert have already worked together on the spooky thriller Jessabelle, which was written by comedy stalwart and Reno 911 alum Robert Ben Garant, but we won't know how that project will turn out until next January. I certainly donít want to judge Greutert solely on his Saw entries alone.

Visions follows a pregnant woman who moves to wine country to meet with her husband at their vineyard. The move, however, somehow causes the woman to experience horrifying visions. The film is said to be in the vein of The Others and What Lies Beneath, both movies that were fun to watch exactly once. The screenplay for the new movie was written by Lucas Sessman, whose only writing credit is 2002's underrated submarine ghost story Below, which he co-wrote with Darren Aronofsky and David Twohy.

Production on Visions is set to begin this fall.
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