Steven Spielberg Drops Hints At Tintin Parts Two And Three

By Sean O'Connell 2012-01-13 14:05:19discussion comments
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Steven Spielberg Drops Hints At Tintin Parts Two And Three image
Tintin, the character, is massive overseas, so itís no surprise that Steven Spielbergís The Adventures of Tintin is dominating foreign box office while sputtering a bit in the States. Where the mo-cap thriller has earned $63 million to date in the U.S., it has collected a whomping $268.9M overseas. Needless to say, a sequel is inevitable Ė if only to capitalize on the international markets Ė and thatís what Spielberg discussed, in detail, with

For starters, Spielberg revealed that Peter Jackson will begin filming the second Tintin late in 2012, once he has wrapped shooting on The Hobbit. Answering questions before a French press corps, Spielberg said that the screenplay for the second Tintin will blend two-and-a-half of Hergeís stories, but he stopped short of divulging which ones would be the focal point of sequel (it's widely believed that it will be largely based on "Red Rackham's Treasure"). In a separate interview with the BBC, scripter Anthony Horowitz hinted that Prisoners of the Sun would play into the next Tintin movie. Then he reversed that statement, so weíll see.

Then Spielberg said that he hopes to resume directing duties for part three, which excites me (as I loved The Secret of the Unicorn). Iím also amazed that Spielberg can line up roughly 17 projects in a row. We know heís working on Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis, and heís moving on to the sci-fi thriller Robopocalypse after that. Heís always circling a fifth Indiana Jones movie. And he wants to do Tintin. Anything else, sir? Can you leave a few projects for the rest of us?
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