Taylor Kitsch Targets A Killer In Horror Thriller Exit 147

By Sean O'Connell 2013-02-21 09:10:09discussion comments
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Taylor Kitsch Targets A Killer In Horror Thriller Exit 147 image
Because of movies like Battleship, John Carter and The Savages, I will shudder at the sight of Taylor Kitschís name for at least the next five years. Granted, I didnít watch Friday Night Lights, so Iíve never experienced the power of the Kitsch bandwagon. All Iíve seen are his feature-length films, and theyíve been abysmal, so Iím cautious about Exit 147 right off the bat.

The horror site Bloody Disgusting reports that Kitsch has signed on as the lead for Exit 147, which Julian Jarrold will direct. Kitsch will play a small-town sheriff who arrests a stranger who is speeding through the desert. But getting detained is all part of the manís sadistic game, and now Kitschís lawman has to play along if he wants to prevent more tragedy.

Jarrold previously helmed Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974, so very few know about his style and what he might bring to Exit Despite his box-office failures, Kitsch still has leading-man potential, and could bring heat to this project. Or, the movie could be relegated to direct-to-DVD status as it develops, and end up on a shelf next to other forgettable horror efforts from start who tried to reinvent themselves after a string of commercial failures. We shall see how Exit 147<./i> plays out.

In the meantime, Kitsch has two other movies that are expected to drop before Exit reaches theaters. Heíll reunite with Battleship director Peter Berg for Love Survivor, then collaborate with director Don McKellar for The Grand Seduction, both tagged for 2013 releases.
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