Titanic 3D May Beat The Hunger Games At Wednesday Box Office

By Kelly West 2012-04-05 11:00:29discussion comments
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Titanic 3D May Beat The Hunger Games At Wednesday Box Office image
James Cameronís Titanic made its way back into theaters yesterday, giving newcomers and fans of the 1997 film the opportunity to see the story brought back to the big screen in 3D. From whatís being on the domestic box office numbers, itís possible the filmís Wednesday gross performed ahead of the hugely successful Hunger Games.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that Titanic took in $4.7 million at the box office on Wednesday. That doesnít include the $300,000+ it earned for Tuesday night previews. As the Reporter states, Titanic could technically be #1 for Wednesday, beating out The Hunger Games, depending on how the gross is calculated. The estimate for The Hunger Games is between $4.6 million and $4.7 million, which would put it pretty close to Titanicís Wednesday box office gross. Official numbers are said to be released later today.

Some are predicting that Titanic could earn as much as $30 million from Wednesday to Friday, though Paramountís estimate is a bit lower, at around $20 million to 25 million.

While the filmís rerelease seems to be off to a good start, itís going to be interesting to see how Titanic does domestically this weekend, when it once again, faces off with The Hunger Games, as well as the debut of the American Pie sequel American Reunion.

If youíre interested in seeing a few behind-the-scenes snippets of how Titanic was converted to 3D, check out this video.
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