Tron: Legacy Director Admits Digi-Bridges Isn't 100%

By Will LeBlanc 2010-12-01 18:27:37discussion comments
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Tron: Legacy Director Admits Digi-Bridges Isn't 100% image
Itís almost here, folks! The biggest nerdgasm film of the year, Tron: Legacy, is a mere two weeks from release and amidst the seemingly endless ad campaign, support from the filmís built-in fan base hasnít wavered. But after seeing dozens of trailers, one thing has stood out that doesnít feel quite right to viewers, and weíre not the only ones calling it out.

Tron: Legacy director Joe Kosinski recently screened his completed film for the first time and sat down with Vulture to chat about the final product. The moderate interview glosses over a few menial items such as the filmís nod to The Wizard of Oz and the current state of 3D, but the real interesting stuff comes up when Joe is asked about the state of Clu, the 3D animated villain meant to look like a 20-years-younger Jeff Bridges.
I don't think he's at 100 percent in 100 percent of the shots. But I feel like there's a couple glimpses in there, especially during Clu's speech in the Rectifier, [that] I'm really happy with. For a moment, you buy this thing as a real character, which to me is exciting. I just don't think that's been done before.

As you can see in the trailers, Clu absolutely doesnít look bad, just not perfect. Is it worth splitting hairs over? Thatís doubtful since the rest looks astounding.

And just to add a little credibility to the filmís already beefy reputation, Kosinski took final notes on the film from Pixar and based several pick-up shots on them. That means the studio that most consistently gives us top-shelf quality films helped polish this bad boy off. Is there anything else we can say to make you more excited about this movie? I donít think so.

To bone up on all things TRON: Legacy, head over to our Blend Film Database for all our previous coverage, images, and trailers.
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