Watch A Highlight Video Of Rob Pattinson's Apathetic Twilight Interviews

By Mack Rawden 2012-11-17 14:11:02discussion comments
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Rob Pattinson has never been the most enthusiastic guy during interviews. He does all the required publicity and promotional events for his films, but heís not exactly the type to hard sell the projects. In fact, now and again, he even gives off the impression that he doesnít like whatever movie it is heís pitching.

Many hardcore fans have noticed this lackluster enthusiasm for Twilight since the early days, but over the past few months, Pattinsonís strange attitude toward the franchise has become even more pronounced. Thankfully, Andrew Gauthier from Buzzfeed spotted the trend too, and he decided to put together a highlight video of interview clips in which Rob doesnít exactly pretend to love Twilight. Take a look at the damning evidence/ footage belowÖ

On the one hand, its kind of funny that Pattinson refuses to defend Twilight. Even the better movies in the franchise are just a shade better than mediocre, and the material is extremely moody and slow. On the other hand, itís kind of pathetic that Pattinson canít even pretend to care about the movie series that brought him fame, fortune and the ability to do whatever projects he wants moving forward. The reason why heís able to do things like Cosmopolis and Water For Elephants is because Twilight got his name out there. With all due respect to his brief work in Harry Potter, thereís no telling whether he would have become a household name without this franchise.

Iím pretty sure Lions Gate executives wonít be sharing this clip on their social media accounts, but something tells me plenty of others will.
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