This Week In Home Entertainment: The Wolf Of Wall Street, Veep And More

By Jessica Rawden 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Wolf of Wall Street Box
The Wolf Of Wall Street Blu-ray
Martin Scorseseís latest big screen endeavor is a lesson in excess, a depraved two-hour business film filled with drugs, more drugs and people behaving very selfishly with little remorse. The Wolf of Wall Street is about turning penny stocks into big profit, but at its heart, itís about the lengths people will go to in order to feel on top of the world.

If thereís anything The Wolf of Wall Street has, itís a frenetic energy that manifests itself in pace, tone and the actions of characters. As Jordan Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio has enough go-go energy to keep up a steady routine of boozing, snorting drugs and knocking back pills. The young businessman wasnít always on that trajectory. After landing in New York City in the eighties, the young stockbroker sees the money and excess surrounding him and decides he wants a piece of the pie. He enlists a loyal crew around him, including Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill), a sleazy Long Island-type who happens to be married to his cousin.

The movie, in true Scorsese fashion, is a lengthy romp that hops through multiple jobs, multiple wives, and multiple houses. During this runtime, there are sequences that will amuse and sequences that should leave audiences feeling a little dirty, including a scene where our leads discuss an illegal deal while taping hundreds to a naked chick. Itís a morally bankrupt adventure story, but luckily it is never bankrupt creatively, and inhabiting its world for a little while is ultimately worth a watch.

You can order The Wolf Of Wall Street over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: Unless you nab a copy of the Best Buy exclusive edition, the set doesnít come with a ton of bonus features. Paramount Media Home Distributionís set does come with a "Making of" segment called "The Wolf Pack". It takes a look at the backstory behind the picture, specifically how Leonard DiCaprio couldnít get the story out of his head and how he knew Martin Scorsese was the only man who could possibly get the job done. Itís definitely worth a watch, though thereís nothing in there thatís groundbreaking enough that will alter your opinions on the film.
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