Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Talk Meeting Jordan Belfort In Wolf Of Wall Street Clip

Please Note: The following clip is unabashedly and unreservedly filled with F-bombs, thus making it a redband clip and NSFW.

The Wolf of Wall Street highlights an upper echelon lifestyle that most citizens will never participate in, set during a time period when excess wealth included women, money, raunchy office parties and plenty of Quaaludes. While Martin Scorsese’s new film is a riot onscreen, for the actors, participating in the movie’s madcap scenes was a lot more difficult and involved than audiences might expect. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip from Best Buy’s VAM release of the film, above.

In the clip, lead actors Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio discuss connecting with the characters in the film, which was apparently no easy task. If you’ve already caught The Wolf, you know it follows a crew of stockbrokers working to live the high life in the 1980s. It’s difficult to truly inhabit any character. However, when you end up with characters as wild and complicated as Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff, pulling off the roles becomes even trickier. Hill puts it best in the video when he says, "For Leo and I and the other guys to play these people we had to…understand that this behavior is O.K. within these characters even though we disagree with it."

In order to play the people that appear in the movie, many of the actors were given the opportunity to spend time with their real-life counterparts. In the clip, DiCaprio notes he spent time talking about his experiences with Belfort, who was eventually convicted of fraud-related crimes and spent a brief amount of time in prison. Experiences like these helped the actors to more fully inhabit Scorsese’s world onscreen, likely leading The Wolf of Wall Street to be an Oscar contender during this year’s awards season.

There are plenty of ways to watch The Wolf of Wall Street now that it has made its way out of theaters and into the world of home entertainment. Paramount Home Media Distribution released the flick onto Digital platforms last week, and the more traditional Blu-ray and DVD release will be headed into homes tomorrow. Blu-ray copies of the flick will come with a "Making of" featurette looking at the ins and outs of creating a film as unruly as The Wolf of Wall Street. Additionally, the Best Buy release will include a bonus disc with plenty of extra content.

Copies of the Best Buy exclusive edition of the flick are already sold out online (opens in new tab) but can be reserved in the store.

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