Wolverine's Weekend Ruined By Swine Flu

By Josh Tyler 2009-04-27 21:57:55discussion comments
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Wolverine's Weekend Ruined By Swine Flu image
This Swine Flu thing is getting ridiculous. In case you havenít heard, thereís a new flu variant going around which has killed a hundred people or so in Mexico and pretty much no one anywhere else. Cases have been reported in places like New York and where I am, in Texas. Itís the flu. A few pills and some chicken soup and youíre fine. Yet people are absolutely losing their minds over this perceived danger, even though by all accounts itís not Captain Trips, and the only reason the death toll is so high in Mexico is because they donít have decent healthcare.

Yet the panic continues, fueled by a national and local media desperate to get ratings. Here in Dallas the local media has gone absolutely nuts. Thereíve only been 3 cases reported in the area, yet theyíre already shutting down schools and people are acting as if theyíre afraid to go out of their house.

Is there any danger from this latest piece of vapor plague? I doubt it, unless itís an economic one. If youíre Fox, it may be time to panic.

I donít know how it is where you are, but here the media is talking about the dangers of going to public gatherings. Theyíre one step away from warning people to stay in their houses and itís pretty much implied that going to something like a movie theater or a sporting event this next weekend is a really dangerous idea. Itís not, but weíre all sheep. Unfortunately for 20th Century Fox, Wolverine opens this weekend and with Swine Flu panic driving everyone indoors to hide from rampaging pigs, odds are this is going to hurt their box office.

Theyíve already conceded release defeat in Mexico. Variety says Fox has cancelled the movieís Thursday debut in Mexico City, where the mayor has requested that bars, restaurants, and movie theaters shut down. If the overreaction continues to build in the United States the way it is where I am in Dallas, itís easy to imagine the same thing happening here. Even if it doesnít, how many people are willing to risk Swine Flu to see a shitty Wolverine film? Doesnít matter whether thereís any real risk, they think there is, and so theyíre staying home.

Itís just one more excuse in Foxís failure arsenal. Theyíve been battening down the hatches and preparing for a Wolverine box office failure ever since it first appeared on the internet in pirated version weeks ago. Since then theyíve been cooking up gimmicks to trick audiences into theaters anyway (Multiple endings? Really Fox?) and now they may be thwarted by a plague. First pirates now the black death. Are we sure Wolverine isnít a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel? Iíd almost feel sorry for them, if it wasnít Fox.
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