Godzilla Set Video Marks One Year Until Its Release Date

By Nick Venable 2013-05-16 22:07:11discussion comments
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Godzilla Set Video Marks One Year Until Its Release Date image

There is no possibly way that I can conceive of that would correctly predict anyoneís feelings about Gareth Edwardsí upcoming Godzilla film. Giant creature features in general are hit or miss with audiences, and Roland Emmerichís abysmal 1998 remake left such a sour taste in everyoneís mouth that memories of it pervade. But I know that some people are frothing at the mouth for Edwards to right Emmerichís wrong here, and Iím one of them.

It seems Edwards understands the casual hesitance that people are giving this project, taking a few seconds to drop the above set video to humbly thank fans for having patience. Itís exactly one year before Godzillaís May 16, 2014 release, and he says theyíre about halfway through the shoot. So that means you can expect still images from the teasers of the trailers that Godzilla will rain down upon us. Given co-writer Frank Darabontís description of the script, the advertising will probably utilize the Internet quite a bit, say, with set videos like this, and maybe some fake news reports featuring Godzilla sightings. Letís make it a good year, people!

Edwards also mentions that itís Elizabethís Olsenís first day on the set, but that seeing her would ruin the film for us. I wonder if that means she has a giant lizard bite mark all across her body, or if her body is just completely singed. Not that Iím wishing death to her character, but how else would the film be ruined? Is she playing a motion-captured Godzilla? Dammit, Edwards, we need facts!
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