Greek Could Come Back, Here's What's Happening
Greek's absence has been undoubtedly noticeable since it went off the air in 2011, but that void may soon be filled, as it looks like Freeform is finding a way to bring these characters back to fans.
Greek's Dilshad Vadsaria Joins Revenge For Season 2
If ever there were a character on ABC Family's Greek who seemed somewhat suited for the kind of drama that goes on in Revenge, it's Rebecca Logan. Dilshad Vadsaria's character proved to be steep social opposition for Spencer Grammer's Casey Cartwright, and there was a sneaky streak in her that served the show's never-ending stream of drama nicely. Between that and her upperclass background, I think she'd stand a chance of holding up in the wealthy, drama-filled world of Revenge. Needless to say, if I had to pick a Greek cast member to play a recurring role on Revenge, it would be Vadsaria, so this is definitely good news.
Greek's Clark Duke In Talks To Join The Office For Season 9
If I had to choose a break-out star from ABC Family's Greek, Clark Duke would be at - or at the very least near - the top of the list. Since taking on the role of the somewhat stuffy, occasionally closed-minded but usually well-meaning Dale in the college-focused series, Duke has landed a number of feature roles, including the part of Marty in Kick-Ass and Jacob in Hot Tub Time Machine. More recently, he also appeared in the Valentine's Day episode of New Girl. And now it looks like he's Office bound.
Greek Creator Patrick Sean Smith Working On A New Young Adult Series
While ABC Family’s Greek may be a thing of the past, series creator Patrick Sean Smith isn’t done with young adult series. Word is, Smith is already working on a new project, which will have something to do with young international travelers. I can’t say I love the working title, however it sounds like it could be interesting.
ABC Family Tops GLAAD's Gay Programming List
ABC Family became the second network ever to receive a rating of Excellent from GLAAD for its portrayal of gay and lesbian characters in the organization’s yearly Network Responsibility Index. The Index rates networks on the percentage of their programming that is “LGBT-inclusive” as well as for the racial diversity of those characters and the light in which they are portrayed; ABC Family has made the grade.
New Deal Brings ABC/Disney Shows To Netflix Streaming
Clear your queue for shows like Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and Greek
Greek's Hotness Monster Attacks Seattle Grace
The Hotness Monster is coming to Grey’s Anatomy. Fans of ABC Family’s Greek will be familiar with the “Hotness Monster,” known outside his brief role on that series as Jesse Williams.
2009 Fall TV Preview: Greek - Season 3
Next week ABC Family is premiering a new season of Greek. While I’m a half-season behind on the show, from the sound of the opening episode and the looks of the clips we have to share with you, the Cyprus Rhodes kids are still up to their usual shenanigans.
Get A Rush With Greek: Chapter Three On DVD
If you’ve fallen behind in your studies, you’re in luck because Greek: Chapter Three hits DVD on August 18th, giving you just enough time to cram before the big premiere
Videos From Jesse McCartney's Final Appearance On Greek
This Monday’s episode of Greek will mark singer-turned-actor Jesse McCartney’s final episode in the series. And based on the episode description, it looks like the Kappa Tau’s are in a bit of a pickle over some stolen goods. Episode details and video clips ahead!
ABC Family's Greek Returns This Month - Videos
In just over a week, ABC Family is bringing Greek back with new episodes! We’ve got a couple of video clips from the next new episode and an episode description (spoilers ahead!). Rusty’s starting his second year and Casey and Ashleigh are set to manage pledging. It’s a stressful time under normal circumstances but with Frannie snatching up half the Zetas to start her own sorority, Ashleigh and Casey have to raise the bar to make sure they get enough pledges.
TV Recap: Greek - Hell Week
Tonight’s season finale of Greek held a few surprises and what’s more, some unanswered questions. Is Max passing on Cal-Tech to be with Casey? Will Rebecca really walk away from ZBZ? Is Calvin questioning whether or not he’s cut out for the Omega Chi’s? Did Rusty seriously eat three live goldfish? Well, we already know the answer to that last question but seriously Rusty – gross!
Exclusive First Looks At Twilight To Air During Greek Finale
As a fan of ABC Family’s Greek, I was already planning to watch tomorrow night’s season finale (titled “Hell Week”). Then today I heard that people had seen promos for a Twilight sneak peek that’s supposedly going to air at some point during the finale. I haven’t seen the promos that have apparently aired on ABC Family but my sources with the network have confirmed that it’s true!
TV Recap: Greek - Three's A Crowd
You know, I was starting to have my doubts about Ashleigh as president of ZBZ as tonight’s episode of Greek went on. Frannie and Evan thought they had the whole “pref” thing wrapped around their fingers and they sort of did for a while. Meanwhile, both Rusty and Cappie were dealing with some threesome action.
TV Recap: Greek - The Popular Vote
While the rest of the country is gearing up for a huge presidential election, some of the characters on ABC Family’s Greek are more concerned about a more localized election. Of course I’m referring to the race for the ZBZ presidency.
TV Recap: Greek - Formally Yours
Its prom night at Cyprus Rhodes and love is certainly in the air for some of our favorite Greek characters. Not so much for others but everyone made the most of the ZBZ formal, even the people who didn’t get to attend.
TV Recap: Greek - See You Next Time, Sisters
I lived out my own college years back in the 90’s when shows like 90210, the short-lived My So Called Life and later on, Buffy the Vampire Slayer were considered some of the shows to watch. So seeing Senta Moses, Charisma Carpenter and Carol Potter all appear in the same episode was quite a treat.<
TV Recap: Greek - Pledge Allegiance
Max melts my TV-watching heart like a big, goopy scoop of gelato sitting out in the warm summer sun. For serious people, could this guy be any more perfect? Putting aside that the fact that he looks a bit like Chuck from Chuck, he also has a way with words. Not since Mark Darcy told Bridget Jones that he likes her just the way she is have I felt this swoony over a fictional profession of adoration.
TV Recap: Greek - Gays, Ghosts And Gamma Rays
It appeared that Max had set his eyes on Casey and she on him but it was also evident that there was something about Max that wasn’t yet revealed to us. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with NASA, which keeps coming up and I’m still convinced there’s more to that story than what we’ve been told. No, the revelation about Max was that he has a girlfriend. Or technically, he had a girlfriend.
TV Recap: Greek - Let's Make A Deal
Money can be a tricky thing. Sure, we all want it but for some people, it can be something of a burden. Both Cappie and Evan came to realize that in tonight’s episode of Greek. Evan learned that his parents put a few conditions on his hefty trust fund and Cappie found that Rebecca’s money had the potential to put even more strain on their already rocky relationship. Ashleigh had money troubles of her own, due to her frivolous spending habits.
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