TV Recap: Greek - See You Next Time, Sisters

I absolutely love the people they bring on as guest stars on Greek and tonight’s appearance by Carol Potter (aka Cindy Walsh) was no exception. I lived out my own college years back in the 90’s when shows like 90210, the short-lived My So Called Life and later on, Buffy the Vampire Slayer were considered some of the shows to watch. So seeing Senta Moses, Charisma Carpenter and Carol Potter all appear in the same episode was quite a treat.

Casey’s trying to map out her future, which includes figuring out her potential career paths. Being an English major, this can be quite a tricky task. Max gives Casey some words of encouragement, telling her that she can do anything because she’s amazing. Ok, I know they just started dating but seriously, this guy is perfect.

Casey and Ashleigh set off for a ZBZ nationals convention. This is where all of the ZBZ officials convene to discuss any major changes that need to be made and celebrate the awesomeness of ZBZ sisterhood. It’s also a good place to network and make contacts, which is what Casey wants to do. She’s hoping to score a summer internship.

Unfortunately for Casey, Frannie is also attending the convention and she’s got an agenda of her own. She wants to convince the board to throw out the rule that says a ZBZ president removed from office can’t re-run for the position. Naturally, Casey doesn’t want this to happen because running against Frannie for ZBZ president won’t be an easy task. She approaches Tegan about securing her vote but after overruling Tegan’s choice to boot Rebecca earlier this season, Tegan has no interest in supporting Casey. Instead, she tells Casey that if she can convince Lizzie (whom Tegan refers to as “Frizzie”) to quit, she’ll consider throwing some support Casey’s way.

Here’s the thing. Yeah, Lizzie’s bubbly and overly perky and her hair is definitely curlier than what one might expect from the usual perfectly groomed look that most ZBZ girl’s sport, but she’s good at her job and what’s more, she’s never demonstrated any behavior that suggests that she’s not a good person. Casey’s focusing on her own future and when she finds a dejected Lizzie sulking at the bar, she says all the right things to get her to quit.

Then Casey runs into Paula (Carol Potter), a ZBZ alum who also has a way with words and after the two discuss how it’s sometimes necessary to make compromises to get ahead, Paula tells Casey a story about how she black-balled an old friend from getting into ZBZ back when she was in college because the girl didn’t quite fit the look. Paula regrets not having the guts to stand up for her friend. Her words inspire Casey to stop being scared and do things the right way.

Casey and Ashleigh find Lizzie, de-friz her hair and convince her to come back to her post. Tegan’s not happy about this but what can she do? Lizzie’s back to doing what she does best. I loved the look on Tegan’s face when Lizzie said, “See you next time, sister!” Meanwhile, Paula gives Casey her contact info and as it turns out, she’s a congresswoman. Looks like our Casey might not only have found a career path in politics, but also a foot in the door.

While all of that’s going on, the Kappa Tau’s are having some house problems. Their house doesn’t meet the fire codes and they have 30 days to raise the money to get the place up to code or they lose the house. Rusty comes up with the brilliant idea to rent the house out to the Astronomy club, who’s looking for a place to host their annual Galileo party. As the KT house is well seasoned for parties, Cappie agrees. Little does he know that Max, who is heading up this little shindig, is Casey’s new boyfriend. He finds this out after the astronomy geeks have begun partying hard and trashing the already mostly-trashed house. The news that Casey’s dating a good-looking brainiac inspires Cappie to get drunk on the magic punch created by the nerds. He and Dale, who also ingests copious amounts of the punch (not realizing it’ll make him drunk) proceed to lie down next to each other and make fun of Max (aka Maxi-pad, aka Maxwell House). Funny moments including Dale complaining about how his jeans make his “bottom” itch and Cappie calling Dale “Chip” ensue. The house ends up more trashed than it already was, leaving the KT’s in worse shape than they were in terms of the whole fire-code thing. Once again, Rusty comes to the rescue, bringing the astronomy nerds back in the next day to make amends by fixing up the house and getting it ship-shape.

Calvin and Evan spent the night out drinking and hanging out with two random girls. Calvin has no interest in the girls but hanging out with them is better than playing Pictionary with Michael and his other grown-up friends. Evan gets drunk and leaves with one of the girls but later he tells Calvin that all he did was walk her home. He says he doesn’t want to give Frannie a reason to dump him just yet. Calvin wasn’t such a good boy. No, he didn’t go home with one of the girls. Instead, he hooked up with Heath. Yeah, who didn’t see this coming? I like Michael but as Calvin said, he’s in college and he wants to have fun. Michael’s a bit too far ahead in the whole relationship thing, I think. Dinner parties with board games and chuckles over cupcakes that look like boobs? Pass. Calvin’s been entirely too serious since he’s been with Michael. I’d love to see him back with Heath or single again.

From the previews, it looks like Evan’s going to make a play for Casey again. Plus we already saw that Cappie’s seriously jealous of Max. I’d kind of like to see Casey stick it out with Max for now. I love Cappie and Evan but I think Max could be good for Casey. She needs someone who can keep her grounded, especially because it looks like Frannie’s going to have the opportunity to run against her in the ZBZ pres election and you know that’s going to get ugly.

And now, I leave you with a quote from Beaver:

“How cool is that? Getting paid for doing something we love! It’d be like getting paid to have sex…. So what are hookers always complaining about?”
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