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TV Recap: Greek - Formally Yours

Its prom night at Cyprus Rhodes and love is certainly in the air for some of our favorite Greek characters. Not so much for others but everyone made the most of the ZBZ formal, even the people who didn’t get to attend.

Rusty was all set to head up the committee for the KT formal but after Cappie decided to ditch the dance idea and throw an informal, complete with bouncy castle and man-boobs competition, sweet, geeky Rusty was left with a tuxedo and no dance to attend. After learning from Casey that Rusty didn’t attend his own prom because none of the girls he asked wanted to go with him, Ashleigh vowed to secure a date for him at the ZBZ formal.

Unfortunately, the three available ZBZ girls weren’t interested in attending the formal with a pledge named Spitter who earlier this year had crabs. After a bit of persuasion from Casey, including some mall-pet store puppy-dog-eyes, Ashleigh agreed to take Rusty to the formal. It was a pity-date for sure but Ashleigh didn’t present it that way. She even lied to Rusty, telling him that she didn’t let the three single ZBZ’s have the opportunity to go with him because she wanted him all to herself after her own (non-existent) date cancelled on her.

Their friendly date was going fine until Evan, having had a few drinks, decided to make Rusty aware that a hot girl like Ashleigh would never go to a dance with Rusty unless it was out of pity. Ok, Evan, Rusty hit you in the face with a pledge paddle after you cheated on his sister. Get over it, already. Be the bigger man for once! Wishful thinking, I know. Anyway, Rusty tested the pity-date theory by attempting to put his hands all over Ashleigh. Sure enough, she got annoyed and pushed him away. He apologized later and the two shared a dance, and a kiss. The kiss was totally for Evan’s sake as he and Frannie were dancing nearby. Rusty responded to the kiss by dipping Ashleigh and kissing her back. Both were aware of what was going on and weren’t subtle about it being for show.

Ashleigh’s a total sweetheart, not only for going to the dance with Rusty but for not treating him like a charity-case and actually allowing herself to have a good time. I didn’t pick up any real romantic vibes between the two and that’s for the best. Rusty’s made huge strides in his first year in college but he still has a lot of growing up to do. I think if he and Ashleigh were to actually date, she’d be constantly coaching him on how to be a good boyfriend. The balance would be way off.

Speaking of coaching, Max was making every effort to prepare for the formal as this would be the first official ZBZ function that he’s attending. At one point after going through a series of photo-flashcards with Casey in an attempt to learn all 50 of the ZBZ girls’ names and background info, he opted not to go. After a conversation with Rusty about how romantic a formal event can be, Max changed his mind and decided to go.

Things didn’t go perfectly from the get-go. Max’s idea of romantic was to rent a horse-drawn carriage to take them to do the formal. Granted, that is the quintessential story-book thing to do but seeing as this is a sorority event, a limo would’ve scored more points. At the dance, when Casey spied Evan and Frannie dancing in the dance-circle, she encouraged Max to get in there and show off his moves. Little did she know that the only move Max had was the sprinkler (there may be a more official name for this move but that’s what I call it anyway).

While busting a move, Max got his watch caught in Frannie’s hair. Both Casey and Max were naturally embarrassed by this. While Casey attempted to get the watch untangled, Max had a chat with Rusty about Evan. Apparently, Max didn’t know that Casey dated Evan for two years and he wasn’t thrilled to have to learn about this from Rusty.

Casey found out that Evan was giving Rusty a hard time over the whole pity-date thing and she went to tell him off. This resulted in Evan sarcastically saying that losing Casey would be his biggest regret. This after Casey told Evan that he’s better than the way he’s behaving. She also threw in the fact that Frannie’s using him. This wasn’t news to Evan, of course.

Max witnessed Casey’s confrontation with Evan, though he couldn’t hear what was being said and he decided that the dance is done for him. Casey followed him out the door and he ended up asking her why she didn’t tell him about Evan. He also called her out on her insecurity when it comes to him. Casey didn’t deny it but when Max asked her if she wanted to be with him, she didn’t hesitate with her answer. And who would? Max may be a crappy dancer and a bit on the cheesy side when it comes to romantic gestures but those are minor flaws (I’d even consider them part of his charm) in the long run.

As the two were making out and ready to head off, Evan came out to return Max’s watch, which was successfully pulled from Frannie’s hair. Max stepped off the carriage to retrieve the watch and before departing, asked Evan how he could let Casey go. Point to Max for that! He left Evan standing there on the sidewalk clutching a wad of Frannie’s hair. A perfect end to a not-so-perfect night.

Finally, Cappie and Rebecca spent the entire episode getting it on. Yes, they’re still broken up but the two foolishly believed they could be fun-buddies. This lasted for the duration of the formal, as they made use of many rooms of the empty ZBZ house. Eventually, they got to Casey’s room and that’s where the party ended. Rebecca realized that she’s still hung up on Cappie and Cappie’s still hung up on Casey. Even a casual-sex-arrangement would be out of the question for these two.

Cappie said something about “See you in four months” but Ashleigh returned home and he never got the chance to explain what that meant to Rebecca. He was too busy stripping off the robe he had on and ducking out the window. I doubt it’s the first time he’s had to sneak home naked.

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