Stitchers Cancelled By Freeform, Will Not Return For Season 4

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Freeform's Stitchers has been canceled and will not return for Season 4. The news may come as a shock to some fans, although many who have stuck with the series for this long should know it has struggled with ratings since its beginnings. Here's what's being said so far regarding the show's future, and the chances of Stitchers finding a home elsewhere.

The cancellation was rather abrupt, as Deadline reports Freeform announced the show's end a month after the series would complete Season 3. As far as ratings are concerned, Season 3 appeared to maintain the audience of Season 2 in terms of viewership, but same day viewings had decreased and there aren't many shows that can survive on cable television with an average of 350,000 viewers tuning in an episode. A combination of that, and the fact that Freeform is rolling out new shows like Siren and Cloak and Dagger within the next year, it may have just been time to say goodbye to make room for more original programming.

Whether or not Stitchers could return on another service is still up in the air, although the final line in this Instagram goodbye from leading lady Emma Ishta does leave some room for speculation. Is the "next chapter," Ishta is referring to in the caption of this post a potential Season 4 of the series, or is it just a way of saying she's onto the next project?

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Stitchers' cancellation could also have something to do with Disney, as the company is looking to lay off a ton of ABC employees by the end of this month. Freeform is said to be affected by these layoffs, as all of Disney's networks are struggling to find hit shows that connect with audiences. While there's no guarantee Stitcher's cancellation was tied to the recent troubles of its parent company ABC, it certainly didn't help.

Unfortunately, the bad news for Freeform doesn't end with Stitcher's cancellation. The network scrapped plans for a Greek revival not too long ago, which was also a blow to viewers who have been with the network a very long time. Fans can read on about that, or perhaps let the past be the past and check out what's ahead for this coming season of fall programming on our fall premiere guide. We also have a very handy Netflix guide for those who need something to binge right now, so be sure to check that out as well.

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