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TV Recap: Greek - Three's A Crowd

You know, I was starting to have my doubts about Ashleigh as president of ZBZ as tonight’s episode of Greek went on. Frannie and Evan thought they had the whole “pref” thing wrapped around their fingers and they sort of did for a while. Meanwhile, both Rusty and Cappie were dealing with some threesome action.

Casey’s trying to deal with Ashleigh getting the ZBZ president position. She hands over the book of rules and Ashleigh attempts to run the first post-election meeting. After she announces a Dobler’s night for some sister-bonding, one of the sisters brings up the whole pref thing, which apparently is crucial for ZBZ. Basically, they need the Omega Chi’s to pref them, which means invite them to the first mixer of the next school year. Their entire social status depends on it. No one seems to question what’s wrong with that as the chief concern is getting the invite. Frannie offers to talk to Evan about it but Casey assures the girls that Ashleigh has it under control.

Ashleigh doesn’t have it under control. A sit-down with Evan to discuss the pref invitation ends badly after Evan tells her that the Omega Chi’s are “shopping around” and not sure they’re going to extend the ZBZ’s the invite. Casey doesn’t help matters, jumping into the conversation and being argumentative with Evan. Ashleigh has a problem standing up to Casey, though she does try numerous times to remind her BFF that she’s president and it’s up to her to decide how they’re going to deal with this.

What we come to learn is that Evan’s hesitance in inviting the ZBZ’s has less to do with what the Omega Chi’s want and more about what Frannie wants. He’s purposely holding back on the invite, as he and Frannie are hoping Ashleigh will cave and ask Frannie to talk to him and thus, allowing her to get all the credit. Ashleigh does inevitably cave after it seems like the Omega Chi’s aren’t going to show up to the party they threw at Dobler’s. Casey’s upset that Ashleigh gave in to Frannie, considering it a personal defeat. Her jealousy and control-issues are kind of annoying (but understandable as she’s still getting used to the idea of Ashleigh taking over her old job) but then she makes a really good point by telling Ashleigh that the Omega Chi’s have all the power in this situation and that it’s really Evan who’s president of ZBZs.

Ashleigh takes Casey’s words to heart and the following morning when one of the girls (Betsy, maybe?) announces that Omega Chi will be extending the pref invite, Ashleigh in turn, announces to the ZBZ’s that they’re declining the invitation and going with the #2 fraternity on campus, the Lambda Sigs. Frannie is shocked and tries to argue this, realizing her big win might be falling apart. Ashleigh makes an analogy about Angelina Jolie and how she defines what’s cool just by doing what she wants and being herself and that’s what the ZBZ’s need to start doing. They need to stop defining themselves by the frat they mingle with. Ashleigh inspires half the girls (plus 3) to vote her way and when the Omega Chi’s show up, Betsy turns them down. Burn! I love Ashleigh for this. I was getting seriously annoyed by how vital the whole Omega Chi status seemed to be for the ZBZ’s, plus Ashleigh convincing the girls to decline the invite was sure to be a blow for Frannie, who was all set to claim all of the preffy-glory. Casey really seems to be trying to let go of the presidency and hopefully it won’t be much longer before she and Ashleigh are back to normal.

While Ashleigh is busy dealing with being ZBZ president, Rusty and Dale are set to part ways next semester as Rusty is going to live in the Kappa Tau house. Dale tells Rusty that his old purity-pledge partner Kirk is transferring to Cyprus Rhodes and the two are going to live together. In a nutshell, Kirk is a weirdo. He first jumps out on screen having been hidden behind Dale’s bed for four and a half hours, waiting for Dale to come back to his room. Now I’m thinking Kirk’s going to be another uberChristian nerdy-type just like Dale but as it turns out, he’s not so pure.

After noticing Kirk’s spacey behavior and abnormal food cravings, Rusty starts to suspect that something’s not right with him. Then Kirk (or is it Kurt?) asks Rusty where he can “score some herb.” Yeah, Kirk’s a pothead. This wouldn’t be so weird by normal college standards but since Kirk’s supposed to be Dale’s new roommate, Rusty realizes it’s a problem. He tries to tell Dale about it but Dale being Dale chooses to blindly believe that Rusty’s mistaken and that Kirk is just as pure as he is.

Kirk convinces Dale to go to the KT party and ends up getting himself, Dale and Rusty arrested by campus security for breaking an open-container law. No amount of Jedi-mind-tricking was going to keep Huck from arresting them. After doing “hard time” in the clink, Dale realizes that Kirk really is just a pot-smoking cheese weasel. He and Rusty agree to room together next year. It’s for the best as the room Rusty was going to move into is an utter dump and he probably would’ve gotten the plague or some other disease from whatever’s growing in there.

Cappie spends the duration of the episode trying to live down the unwanted serial-monogomist reputation he’s acquired. He takes the phrase “serial monogamist,” which Beaver picked up from his self-education through Wikipedia, as a total insult and vows to have a threesome with two girls at their upcoming party. He spends the duration of the party trying to convince two girls to go upstairs and get it on with him. He gets slapped a lot but finally finds Lisa Lawson, a girl known for her loose virtue and she naturally agreeable to a threesome. Then Cappie finds girl #2 but she turns out to be an enemy of Lisa’s since Lisa slept with her boyfriend. Lisa leaves but girl #2 (Chrissy?) agrees to go ahead with the threesome if they can invite one of her sorority sisters. Everything goes wrong though as Cappie finds the girl but then loses Chrissy.

In the end, Cappie doesn’t end up waking up next to two hot sorority girls as he planned. He did wake up between Beaver and Wade, who crashed in his bed after their rooms were being used for recreational activities, including Cappie’s threesome (which happened with another brother instead of Cappie).

The episode ends with a cliffhanger. It’s the infamous “hell week” has begun! In this season’s finale we’ll get to see just how bad things are for the pledges as they make their way through the last week of pledging.

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