Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Is Better Than Michael Keaton’s, According To Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith has seen quite a few Batmen over the years, and while Michael Keaton's Batman may have kicked off the near-consistent release of movies starring the Dark Knight, the director now believes that Ben Affleck's Batman reigns supreme over Keaton's. Here's why.
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The Flash Season 3 Will Bring One Big Villain Back For Kevin Smith's Episode
Characters never really go away on The Flash, they just become something else usually. Or not. In any case, one big villain is returning for Season 3, and it'll be the episode that Kevin Smith is directing!
What Kevin Smith's Mallrats TV Show Will Be About
Kevin Smith has had a sequel to his 1995 comedy Mallrats in the works for a while. Now that the sequel has turned into a TV series, Smith has come out and revealed what the show will be about when it finally hits the airwaves.
Kevin Smith Reading Brutal Reviews Of Yoga Hosers Is As Painful And Funny As It Sounds
The reviews for Kevin Smith's new movie,Yoga Hosers, are...not great. If you don't believe it, just listen to Kevin Smith tell you all about it.
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Watch Kevin Smith And His Daughter Break Down In Tears After One Beautiful Interview Question
Parents. We love our kids, usually more than we love ourselves. They hold our hearts and our souls in their hands, so when you get the chance to tell them just how important they are to us, it usually involves tears. Big, fat, sloppy tears.
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How Kevin Smith's Next Flash Episode Will Be Different
Kevin Smith, and his fans, stood up and cheered when he was chosen to direct an episode of The Flash last season. Then the cheers started up again when we all found out he was heading back behind the camera for Season 3. Now we know how this episode will differ from his previous one.
The Big Moment That Sold Kevin Smith On The Wonder Woman Movie Setting
Kevin Smith has admitted that he was previously unsure about Wonder Woman being set during World War I until he was wowed by its first trailer.
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Why Justice League Will Be An Improvement On Batman V Superman, According To Kevin Smith
Check out the major reason why Kevin Smith thinks that Justice League will represent a total improvement over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
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Why Kevin Smith's Supergirl Episode Is Especially Meaningful To Him
Kevin Smith may be directing another episode of The Flash next season, but the director is also getting into the chair for Supergirl. Find out why getting to work with this particular character is so meaningful for him.
What Kevin Smith Thinks Of Suicide Squad
When comic book movies come out, there are a handful of experts who are usually asked their opinions. One of these is comic book aficionado and writer Kevin Smith.
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The Genius Way Kevin Smith Wants To Make His Buckaroo Banzai Show Awesome
Kevin Smith recently laid out how he wants to make his take on the cult classic Buckaroo Banzai a truly awesome and eclectic viewing experience.
Kevin Smith Responds To Superhero Fatigue In Hollywood
Kevin Smith has an amazingly optimistic opinion regarding whether or not Hollywood should be worried about superhero fatigue.
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The Two Dream Guests Kevin Smith Wants For Geeking Out
Kevin Smith knows a thing or two about geeking out. In addition to being a prolific filmmaker and the leader of a podcast empire, the proud New Jersey native has established himself as an expert of all things pop culture, which is a talent he hopes to bring to his new television endeavor Geeking Out, which will air on AMC.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Just Spilled The Beans On Who Negan Didn't Kill
The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has been known for keeping his tongue firmly in cheek when making grand statements about plot spoilers in the past, but the stars are usually much more reserved and deflective when talking about such things. So Jeffrey Dean Morgan's recent comments were particularly shocking.
The Major TV Franchise The Mallrats TV Series Will Be Like
It's been a little over a month since we first learned that Mallrats was getting remade as a TV series. This week while at Comic-Con, Kevin Smith spoke out what we can expect from the deal that he made with Universal
Kevin Smith’s Buckaroo Banzai TV Show Might Have Finally Found A Home
If you're a fan of the cult classic Buckaroo Banzai, then you were probably pretty happy to hear that director Kevin Smith was working on a TV version. Now, it looks like his show may have finally found a home.
Could Kevin Smith Be Heading To Arrow Season 5? Here's What Stephen Amell Says
Kevin Smith had a dream realized some months back when he directed an episode from The Flash Season 2, which immediately inspired fans to wonder if and when he'd attach himself to Arrow.
Kevin Smith Wants To Direct Another Superhero TV Show, Here's What We Know
Kevin Smith has already directed an episode of The Flash, and now he's ready to dip his toes into another TV universe.
Mallrats 2 Is Happening With A Big Change, Get The Details
We've known for awhile that Mallrats 2 was in development, but the usually talkative Kevin Smith has been all quiet on details. Well, not anymore because the filmmaker just revealed a major surprise about the forthcoming comedy sequel.
Wait, Namor Is Back At Marvel? Get The Details, And Get Excited
Why does this make sense? Well, any time that Marvel is able to bring a beloved hero back under its umbrella, it’s reason to celebrate.
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