These 10 Simple Bets Will Make You A Winner Every Time

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Need more drinks at the bar, but you're out of cash? The tricks in this video will con any poor drunk out of their money, and you'll be laughing all the way to the bartender. Anyone who isnít inebriated, though, will likely catch on to what youíre trying to do and ruin the game. As such, even in the most ideal of circumstances, I donít see anyone actually winning money from these ďbets.Ē

Take the dollar bet. Yeah, I would think that guy's pretty clever, but thereís no way I wouldnít smell something like that coming the minute he got money involved. On the flip side, say I tried this bet on someone? I believe the right person would kick my ass for trying to pull one over on them!

So letís just say Iím doing it for shits and giggles. The world is going to think Iím creepy or impeccably boring unless Iím one of two demographics. I could be a young kid, or an old man. A guy in his mid twenties pulling these shenanigans is either a creep, dweeb, or a wise ass. All titles I do not wish to be associated with.

EVEN SOÖI doubt I could correctly perform the majority of these. The mint in a bottle one in particular looks like it was achieved in more than one shot. With so many variables on the way the ring could be pulled away I doubt this trick can be accomplished consistently. Then if I fail, I become the guy who challenges all these people and ultimately looks like a jackass when I canít do it.

Iím not necessarily dissuading you from trying these tricks, however. If you think you can shoot out a white disc from between three black discs, you have right at it. I just donít know if you want to live the life of the man whoís always running around making sneaky bets. 300 years ago, that man wouldíve made a fortune in a port harbor, now heís lucky to be living under the bridge! Aside from advocating a lifestyle of cheap parlor trickery, it was an overall solid video from Quirkology.

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