14-Year-Old Mom Accused Of Strangling Her Newborn And Hiding Him In A Shoebox

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Fourteen-year-old Cassidy Goodson told police she hid her pregnancy because she didnít want her relationship with her mother to change. Now jailed and facing first-degree murder charges, none of her relationships will ever be the same from this point forward.

On September 19, Goodson allegedly went into the her motherís bathroom, put a towel in her mouth, turned on the water and gave birth using a pair of scissors. When the boy came out and she realized he was still breathing, the teenager reportedly strangled him, hid the poor guy in a shoebox and then put the box in her closet. According to The Ledger, the foul odor began permeating throughout the house until Cassidyís mother searched her daughterís room and made a grisly discovery. Authorities responded to the scene not long after, and following an investigation, arrested Goodson for murdering her son. She allegedly strangled him while the umbilical cord was still attached. You can take a look at her mugshot belowÖ

The accusedís sisters reportedly told their mother over and over again they thought Cassidy was pregnant, but mom refused to believe the claims. Eventually, she had her daughter take a pregnancy test but didnít took her word that it was negative.

There are no winners here. A baby is dead, a fourteen-year-oldís life is ruined and a family is left to pick up the pieces.
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