Dr. Conrad Murray, best known as Michael Jackson’s physician when he died, is currently dealing with a slew of personal problems related to his incarceration. Unfortunately for him, he now has one more troubling issue to think about after two of his attorneys got into a physical altercation with each other.

According to TMZ, Murray has been having some minor health problems lately; so, he invited all of his attorneys down to chit-chat. J. Michael Flanagan, who has been handing the MJ situation, and his son Ryan reportedly arrived first, and Valerie Wass, who has been handling the medical license fallout, came later. For whatever reason, however, Ryan and Valerie got into some kind of verbal altercation when she arrived, and he allegedly shoved her. After the meeting, Wass filed a battery report and because of his proximity, Murray will likely be interviewed as a witness by authorities.

I have no idea why this argument got physical, but if all he did was shove her, Wass needs to take a step back and think about what is in the best interests of her client. It serves no one’s interests for Murray’s attorneys to be battling it out with one another, and really, I’m sure everyone involved has a hell of a lot of better things to do with their time.

Here’s to hoping all of the ill will can be put aside for the sake of kindness and generosity.



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