50 Cent Hospitalized After SUV Hit By Mack Truck

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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50 Cent spent this morning in a Queens, New York hospital after a scary car crash. The rapper and his driver were reportedly cruising on the LIE when a truck driverís load shifted, causing him to lose the handle of his Mack. The out-of-control truck eventually slammed into the back of the rapperís SUV, nearly flipping it before it crashed. Authorities were called to the scene immediately, and both 50 and his driver were rushed by emergency responders to New York Hospital Queens.

According to TMZ, the musicianís representative released a statement a few hours ago saying 50 Cent sustained minor neck and back injuries and was given the green light to return home. Doctors reportedly think heíll make a full recovery and should continually improve over the next few days.

Police havenít issued a ruling as to who was at fault, but if the evidence weíve heard is correct, it sounds like 50 Cent was the victim of a sad chain of events. Really, those are the scariest car crashes when thereís nothing you could do to prevent what happened. Thank goodness everyone involved seems to be okay.

50ís BFF Floyd ďMoneyĒ Mayweather is currently serving a ninety day sentence in prison, but one would imagine heís already found a way to reach out to 50 and offer his regards. Pop Blend too is glad the hitmaker is okay, and we wish him nothing but a speedy recovery.

To check out pictures of the accident, head on over to ThisIs50.
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