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Watch 50 Cent Spoof Maleficent In 'Malefiftycent' On Jimmy Kimmel Live image
Those who've seen Maleficent may have a hard time trying to picture the live-action Disney film starring anyone other than Angelina Jolie as the title role. Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Malefiftycent" parody creates a pretty vivid mental picture, however, as it puts Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in the starring role. In his efforts to portray a fearless villain, I'd say he nails it. The parody video, is actually pretty funny. And 50 Cent really puts his all into the performance...
Kelly West 2014-06-06
50 Cent Ordered To Turn Over All His Firearms image
Popular rapper 50 Cent was in court today to deal with the fallout related to a confrontation with his baby mama. Alongside his lawyer, he pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charges, but even so, the judge hit him with some restrictions to follow before he returns to court. Luckily, provided he wasn’t planning on trying out for Top Shot or reconnecting with Daphne Joy, the model/ baby mama who he allegedly kicked, he shouldn’t have a big problem.
Mack Rawden 2013-08-05
50 Cent Debuts New Music Video For My Life With Adam Levine And Eminem image
Artist 50 Cent has a new album on the way, and the rapper has been busy gearing up for the release of Street King Immortal. A while back, he released the album’s first single, “New Day,” and now the man has put together a new music video for the album’s second single, “My Life,” to give fans another hint at what the full album will entail.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-28
Watch The Fight Between 50 Cent And Gunplay Get Out Of Hand Quickly image
The skirmish between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy may have gotten the lion’s share of the headlines following the BET Hip Hop Awards, but new footage makes it clear the undercard between Gunplay and 50 Cent’s posse was pretty intense too. The clip shows the “Candy Shop” hitmaker and four or five of his buddies including Mike Knox get approached by Gunplay right before all hell breaks loose. Punches are thrown. Heads are slammed into guard rails, and security guards sprint to try to and break the whole thing up
Mack Rawden 2012-10-03
Rick Ross And Young Jeezy Involved In Altercation Backstage At BET Hip Hop Awards image
The BET Hip Hop Awards were taped earlier this evening and will air on October 9. The special reportedly featured performances by a slew of popular artists including Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. By all accounts, all who took the stage knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately, no one is talking about any of those performances because of what happened backstage.
Mack Rawden 2012-09-30
Hip Hop Manager Chris Lighty Gone At 44 Of Apparent Suicide image
The hip-hop community is in a state of shock this afternoon following the death of longtime power player Chris Lighty. Through his company Violator Entertainment, the forty-four-year-old helped nurture and advance the careers of brilliant artists like Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Diddy.
Mack Rawden 2012-08-30
50 Cent Supports Frank Ocean Regardless Of Who He Loves image
Not all hip-hop artists have spoken out publically in favor of Frank Ocean, who recently admitted to falling in love with a man, but those who have talked on record have almost exclusively had positive things to say about the musician. Now 50 Cent has joined them.
Mack Rawden 2012-07-17
50 Cent Denies Car Accident Was Planned image
If you heard about 50 Cent’s recent hospitalization, you probably wondered how the hell he was released in just a couple of hours. It’s not often people’s vehicles get plowed into by Mack trucks without serious repercussions, and it’s even less often their vehicle winds up taking less damage than the eighteen wheeler. Well, it turns out 50 Cent wasn’t exactly driving around in a standard model SUV.
Mack Rawden 2012-06-30
Truck Couldn't Stop Quickly Enough In 50 Cent Accident image
Early this morning, news broke that rapper 50 Cent was involved in a bad car accident. The thirty-six-year-old’s SUV was supposedly plowed into by a Mack truck on the Long Island Expressway, resulting in the musician and his driver being rushed to the hospital. 50 was treated for minor neck and back injuries before being told he could take off.
Mack Rawden 2012-06-26
50 Cent Hospitalized After SUV Hit By Mack Truck image
50 Cent spent this morning in a Queens, New York hospital after a scary car crash. The rapper and his driver were reportedly cruising on the LIE when a truck driver’s load shifted, causing him to lose the handle of his Mack. The out-of-control truck eventually slammed into the back of the rapper’s SUV, nearly flipping it before it crashed. Authorities were called to the scene immediately, and both 50 and his driver were rushed by emergency responders to New York Hospital Queens.
Mack Rawden 2012-06-26
Rapper 50 Cent Writes A Teenage Novel About Bullying image
Rapper 50 Cent wants to explore the possible reasons to why a person becomes a bully in adolescent years. Cent is writing a teen book called Playground where he will explore “…the story of a 13-year-old schoolyard bully who finds redemption as he faces what he's done.”
Joseph Giannone 2011-06-20
50 Cent Launches Film Company With Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  image
50 Cent has teamed up with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to launch a new film production company. The rapper has delved into acting in recent years,
Leanne Cari 2011-01-25
Rapper 50 Cent Launching Headphones Line image
Rap superstar 50 Cent is going head-to-head with hip-hop legend Dr. Dre in the electronics market - he's releasing his own line of headphones. The In Da Club hitmaker has teamed up with engineers
Celeb Stink 2011-01-05
Rap Star 50 Cent Helped Neighbors Shovel Snow image
Rapper 50 Cent has found a way to make money after a blizzard on Monday (27Dec10) - he's shoveling snow from his neighbors' driveways. The hip-hop star's Connecticut home was buried under
Celeb Stink 2010-12-28
Keaton Spills About Humiliating Rap Scene With 50 Cent image
Diane Keaton was left red-faced on the set of new movie Morning Glory when she was forced to rap with 50 Cent - branding the experience "humiliating". The Annie Hall star plays a newswoman
Celeb Stink 2010-11-16
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