Sloths might be among the ugliest creatures on Earth, but there’s something strangely loveable about them too. They’re like big, ugly, deformed, slow-moving, well-meaning monsters, and this video is pretty good evidence of that.

Paired up with a cat named Daisy inside a bed, this goofy sloth named Prince cuddles the hell out of the cat, doling out an insane number of hugs and gentle head strokes. Daisy doesn’t say a whole lot, but judging by her feline reactions, I would say she’s extremely down with what's going on.

Different species might not hang out a ton in the wild, but inside captivity, it’s a completely different stories. From lions and dogs to this sloth and cat, a surprisingly number of animals can find common ground and get up to all sorts of loveable sitcom style mischief, at least provided they’re fed regularly by human beings and don’t need to worry about competing for resources.

In just a few weeks, this YouTube clip from PillyBarbie has managed to attract more than nine hundred thousand views, and in the coming weeks, that figure should climb even higher, which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering how absolutely adorable these animals are and how perfect the musical choice is.




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