Being buried alive sounds like the most terrifying fate possible, and last week’s episode of The Following only confirmed my suspicions. As it turns out, however, being adjacent to someone who was almost buried alive isn’t exactly a picnic either.

Last week near Gweru, Zimbabwe, a man named Brighton Dama Zanthe died at the age of thirty-four. A funeral was held in which family members, friends and local citizens paid their respects to Zanthe’s wife. Afterwards, the body was being transported to the mortuary when the not-so-corpsely man started moving his legs. The sudden jerk caused many in the funeral party to scatter in all directions. Luckily for Zanthe, his boss was on hand and realized the chaos wasn’t the byproduct of ghosts but rather a deceased man that wasn’t actually deceased.

According to New Zimbabwe, Zanthe spent two days in the hospital and is reportedly recovering very nicely. He’s still unsure of exactly what happened or why it happened, but he’s glad he was given a second chance at life and intends to make the most of his opportunity.

Once upon a time, stories like this were far more common. In fact, that’s why people started having wakes. As it stands now, Zanthe’s situation is more one of strange morbid curiosity than a potential warning sign to the rest of us. Still, here’s to hoping the almost deceased does something truly special from this point forward with his unexpected time.



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