Alex Trebek Is Improving And Moving About Hospital After Heart Attack

By Mack Rawden 2012-06-25 19:56:51
Almost immediately after being taken to the hospital following his heart attack, Alex Trebek was given a very positive prognosis by his doctors. Sony later forwarded that hopefully message on to the world, and the studio made it clear it expected the longtime Jeopardy host to be back at work in time to begin filming the upcoming twenty-ninth season. Whether that optimistic stance was intended to inspire Alex on or Sony really had that much confidence in Trebek is unclear, but regardless, it seems like the initial thumbs up will prove correct.

According to USA Today, Sony released a follow-up statement this evening saying the seventy-one-year-old is up and moving around the hospital. Heís apparently been moved to a regular room already, which means doctors arenít hanging over his shoulder and worrying his condition might go south. Thereís no word yet on when he might be able to return home, but heís reportedly ready to pack his bags the second medical professionals give the go-ahead.

If thereís one thing Trebekís tenure on Jeopardy has taught us, itís that he loves to be exude intelligence and confidence. Heís always quick to tell contestants why their answer was incorrect, and heís almost always unflappable when it comes to remaining ordered and in control. Thus, Iím sure a hospital with know-it-all-doctors he canít correct and a daily schedule he canít keep in line isnít a natural place of comfort.

Pop Blend wishes Trebek nothing but the best in his continued recovery. He presides over the greatest game show in history, and I think I speak for most fans when I say, weíd all like to see him healthy and one hundred percent when he asks contestants to pick up their signaling devices next month.
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