Allen Iverson Claims Estranged Wife Broke Into His House

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Former NBA all-star Allen Iversonís divorce has been getting progressively more nasty for months, but this newest legal motion features far and away the biggest accusation. If you take it from Iverson, he headed over to Asia to play basketball and do an appearance a few weeks ago, but when he arrived back at his place, a ton of his possessions were gone. From art to furniture to cold hard cash, it all made its way out the door while he was MIA, and he knows exactly who took it.

According to TMZ, Iverson asked his soon-to-be ex-wife to return his things, but now that she hasnít, he wants her thrown in jail immediately. Heíd also like an order preventing her from ever entering his home again and of course, all his property returned immediately. Tawanna already tried to get AI slapped with a restraining order earlier this month, but as for the new charges, she hasnít yet responded.

If she really did take the stuff as a sort of preemptive strike to get a portion of the marital property, itís definitely in her best interests to return all of it immediately. Thereís no way a judge would take kindly to her selling off merchandise prior any agreed upon settlement. Playing dirty might be rewarded in court but only a certain kind of dirty which doesnít include felony burglary.

Weíll keep you updated as this mess spirals further out of control in the coming weeks and months.
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