Amazon Pulls Book Critical Of Kate Gosselin

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Just two days after it began selling copies of a new book about Kate Gosselin, Amazon has removed the work from its e-shelves. Entitled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, the text reportedly fires haymakers at the reality momís mental competence and even reprints documents the author, Robert Hoffman, supposedly found in her trash can.

During the peak of the worldís obsession with the Gosselin family, Hoffman reportedly covered Kate for US Weekly. According to Radar Online, he followed her around every day for an extended period of time, and if his book is any indication, he built up a pretty healthy animosity for Kate during the period. Thatís not a crime, but publishing outright lies about her would be.

As of press time, Hoffman is reportedly sticking by everything in How She Fooled The World, but the law firms of Lavely/ Singer/ Washington and Williams & Connolly have a different perspective. Theyíve sent case and desist letters related to the several contracts and pieces of information printed in the book, which is why Amazon made the decision to not sell it until the legal mess is worked through.

Itíll likely take a long time for the legal process to work itself out. Hoffman has reportedly had a few offers to help pay some of the bills he might accrue from the upcoming fight, but as of now, itís unclear if Kate will even bother filing a lawsuit. Weíll keep you updated.
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