Body Discovered On Queen's Country Estate, Murder Suspected

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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A body has been found on Queen Elizabethís Sandringham country estate, and authorities suspect foul play may have been involved. The remains were discovered almost three miles from where the Royals spent Christmas, but itís still unclear exactly how long the unidentified female may have been there. Police arenít sure whether the spot where she was found is the murder scene or a dump site. As of press time, Agatha Christieís Miss Marple is yet to comment.

Murder is a horrible thing, but when it happens in the midst of the aristocracy, itís dreadfully interesting. Given how far the remains were found from the main house however, itís entirely possible the Queen and her family wonít even be interviewed. According to the BBC, authorities have admitted theyíre looking into cold cases from all over England in an attempt to match the remains, but beyond that, theyíre offering very few details. The lead investigator even refused to divulge whether the victim was found with clothes on. Not showing their cards is probably the right game plan to catch whoever was responsible for this, but knowing silence is the proper police protocol doesnít make it any less frustrating to those interested and in want of details.

If and when something comes of this, Pop Blend will be sure to pass you along the details because letís face it, weíve read way too many uppercrust English society murder mysteries to just quit during the first couple chapters.
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