Remember when Brooke Mueller was really thankful about Denise Richards stepping up and mothering her children? Well, that didn’t even last a week. The jewelry maker, who is currently hanging out in rehab for reportedly abusing pain medication, has taken a sharp left-hand turn and is now trying to get a judge to remove four-year-olds Max and Bob from Denise’s care.

According to TMZ, Brooke’s major problem is with the boys’ father/ Denise’s ex-husband Charlie Sheen. She reportedly thinks the children will be exposed to their dad more if they’re being cared for by Denise, and the possibility of that is apparently unacceptable. As such, she has apparently instructed her attorneys to dig up as much negative information about Sheen as possible and present it to the judge in dependency court next week. Ideally, she would like to have the kids placed into the home of her brother, but since the children reportedly have no real relationship with their uncle and a move would require them to be uprooted and taken out of preschool, Richards has apparently decided she’ll fight to continue watching the children until their mother leaves rehab.

The last time Mueller went to rehab, she reportedly only made it six days. The reason for her early exodus that time around was also related to dealing with what she saw as a custody issue. I get that she thinks she’s fighting for her children by taking an active role in where they live while she’s in rehab, but the most productive thing she could possibly do for them is to get sober once and for all.



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