Brooklyn Decker Hates Playing Tennis With Andy Roddick

By Jessica Grabert 2012-04-11 19:29:05
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To keep those abs firm for some all important bikini photos, model Brooklyn Decker has become a workout fiend, dropping and doing planks on a whim and also indulging in everything from pilates to kayaking to dancing. In the past, the 25 year-old even worked out the morning of a friendís wedding. This motivation to keep in shape does wonders for her marriage to tennis juggernaut Andy Roddick, who also maintains peak fitness. Just donít ask her to play tennis with her hubby of three years.

Despite her lack of expertise in the ball and racket sport, Decker did give the sport a go with her husbandóunfortunately, it just did not end particularly well. The actress and model recently spoke with Womenís Health for the magazineís May issue and recounted the story of the fateful tennis attempt.
ďI ended up hitting all the tennis balls over the fence and smashing my racket because I was so frustrated. I told him, 'You don't teach me how to play tennis, and I won't teach you how to model in a bathing suit.' And so far, it's worked."

Despite the tennis flaw, Decker does enjoy being active with her husband. Even when they canít work out together, the star of the upcoming flick Battleship understands what it takes to keep herself motivated, even in the face of tiredness.
ď(I am in)a state of perpetual jet lag, which means there are days when working out is the last thing I want to do. If I stop wanting to work out, then I'm going to be in some serious trouble."

By keeping her workouts fun, Decker has managed to maintain an enviable figure. Iím sure she will keep it that wayÖas long as she is not pushed into any racket sports.
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