The famed Churchill Downs may have played host to the most famous horserace in the world on Saturday, but today, it’s offering intrigue of another, more disturbing sort. Upon arriving for work this morning at around 5 AM, an employee discovered a dead body inside Barn 8. Authorities were quickly called to the scene, and after a preliminary investigation, homicide detecives were called in.

Churchill Downs may seem like a strange place to discard a body, but after the trainers leave for the night, the property is a vast array of open spaces without a ton of security. A clever murderer could likely sneak in undetected and escape without anyone being the wiser.

According to ABC News, the coroner won’t officially rule on a cause of death for at least a few days, but obviously, there must be something strange about the victim’s body or at least the condition in which he was found. That being said, there’s definitely still the possibility this winds up being some drunk dude who consumed too much booze and either suffocated or got kicked by a horse.

It’s really too bad Miss Marple isn’t real because this seems like the perfect mystery for her sophisticated sensibilities. We’ll shoot you an update if this is officially deemed a murder and more interesting facts see the light of day.



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