Demi Lovato Lives In A Sober Facility To Help Her Stay Healthy

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Young musicians might not always be known for their rational decision-making skills, but Demi Lovato isnít just another young musician. The X Factor host has reportedly spent the past few years living in a group sober facility surrounded by counselors in order to make sure her well-documented history of anorexia, bulimia and cutting doesnít reappear.

According to TMZ, Lovato went off to rehab back in 2010, and when she returned, she decided to continue getting support in a Los Angeles facility in order to be around other people who could encourage her to stay on the straight and narrow. Her recovery has been incredible over the past few years with both career and personal life successes; so, rather than take any risks, sheís continued to spend a lot of nights there.

Lovato has another house in Los Angeles and plenty of income to live wherever she wants, but after X Factor shoots, she reportedly slept in the facility in order to avoid any temptations related to the pressure of being on television again. Itís unclear exactly how many nights she spends in her other house and how many at the facility normally, but even if itís split evenly, the accountability she gains must be tremendous.

Throughout her first season on X Factor, Lovato appeared comfortable on camera and willing to have fun. Itís unclear whether she will be invited back next season, but if I had to bet one way or another, I would guess she will be. Hereís to hoping whatever happens she continues eating and stays away from cutting.
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